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Rivermoor Engineering has over 25 years of Industrial / Facilities design experience specializing in seafood, vegetable, and meat processing, freezer storage, and food distribution facilities. Sample Industrial Projects include Heavy Manufacturing, Light Assembly, Warehouses, and Distribution Centers. 

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State Garden, Inc.
Chelsea, MA

Rivermoor Engineering has been working with State Garden, aka "Olivia Organics" for over 20 years. It all started with a small cooler, spinach processing room at the New England Produce Center.


Rivermoor later handled the design of their initial salad processing facility located on Beachman Street in Chelsea. When they soon out-grew that facility and relocated the plant to a new facility on Second Street in Chelsea, Rivermoor was again selected for the design.


State Garden now occupies five buildings in the area, all of which Rivermoor has been a part of. To this day, they continue to be a most valued client.

north coast seafood processing plant.jpg
north coast seafood.JPG

North Coast Seafoods
New Bedford, MA

When North Coast Seafoods decided to build a new

50,000 SF seafood processing plant in New Bedford, Rivermoor Engineering was selected as the lead design firm. And more recently, Rivermoor handled the design of an expansion that almost doubled the size of the facility. 

The relationship with North Coast goes back to the mid-eighties when Brian Jones handled the renovation and expansion of their original processing plant located on Fargo Street in South Boston, where the Boston Convention Center now stands. 

Rivermoor Engineering is fortunate to have had North Coast Seafoods as a valued client since Rivermoor's inception.

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